Membership at Osceola Community Church is an expression of spiritual maturity toward a body of believers you have come to know and love. With a membership, you are saying "I want to be helpful, faith community member. I will support the leadership, the vision, and the mission of this church until God calls me elsewhere. When I leave, I will do so with a clean slate having dealt with all offense and praying blessing over the body of believers who call this church their home."

It is important to us that the members of this church meet certain minimum requirements. The minimum requirements...

  1. For your spiritual life:
    • Have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and are following Him today.
    • Have a meaningful prayer life.
    • Read the Bible as a regular part of your daily life.
  2. In your attendance at Osceola Community Church:
    • Have faithfully attended services for at least three months
  3. For your involvement and support of the mission of Osceola Community Church:
    • Agree with Osceola Community Church's belief statements, strategy, and structure
    • Agree to be governed by the Constitution and Bylaws of our church
    • Have protected Osceola Community Church's unity by acting in love towards others, refusing to gossip, and following leadership
    • Desire to share in the responsibility of Osceola Community Church by praying for its growth by inviting unchurched to attend and by warmly welcoming those who visit.
  4. For common understanding
    • Have completed the membership class